July 2022 Product Spotlight

Expert ways to get the most value out of brightwheel this school year.

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We’re excited to kick off this newsletter spotlighting expert ways to get the most value out of brightwheel at your program.

You’ll learn about features and new improvements that give families an easier way to pay online, support a more efficiently-run program, and foster stronger connections with both parents and staff.

90% of preschools report that more families pay on time with brightwheel, citing that families find it easier to pay their tuition online. Point all families to brightwheel as the easiest, fastest, and most secure option they have. You can share this billing overview with families to reinforce why they should start paying online today.

You’ll never need to worry about a missed message or a lost paper flyer with Document Hub. This is where your teachers and parents can go to easily access documents such as your Family Handbook and “Meet Your Teacher” letters on both mobile and web apps.

Staff can now easily view their schedules and hours worked on the brightwheel app. Giving staff more visibility into their work day and timecards will help empower them to feel more in control. This will also enable you to make better use of your time with your staff, leading to more quality connections.

  • *Now Available* Staff Manager role: grant admin-level access to your staff without giving them visibility into billing. This enables more members of your team to manage family communication, admissions, and more on brightwheel.

  • *Coming Soon* Multiple payers: all student contacts will be able to pay tuition and split invoices. This will make it more convenient for families to pay online with autopay, which means more on-time payments for you!

  • *Planned for Sept* CACFP Menu planning: custom weekly menus will pre-populate items when logging a food activity, which will offer improved reporting and maximize reimbursements. To test this new feature and provide feedback, please fill out this form for our product team.

We look forward to delivering even more value for you and your team this year.


Claire & the brightwheel team

P.s. To learn more about brightwheel’s product innovation and what’s next, join our virtual retreat 7/28-7/29. 🌴 You’ll hear from Dave, our Founder & CEO, fellow Directors/Owners, and more!

Additional Resources

  • Billing version upgrade: If you are using one of our older billing platform versions, upgrade today at zero additional cost to get even more value out of our tool. This period before back-to-school season is a perfect time to make the switch.

  • Account Setup: If you are still setting up your brightwheel account, complete our two onboarding trainings today to build quality connections, efficiently run your program, and simplify billing with brightwheel.

Still need support? Reach our team via Live Chat during business hours or via email at support@mybrightwheel.com any time. 💬

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