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Learn how to print the QR code your program uses for check-ins/outs

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If your program is using the Quick Scan feature of the Check-in Kiosk, administrators can choose to print out the QR code instead of displaying the QR code on a device. This can be a handy way to speed up the check-in/out by posting a few printouts around your center, or at your classroom entrances.

Please Note: If you want to print your QR code, make sure the 'Quick Scan Refresh' Check-in Setting is toggled OFF as this setting will regenerate your code every 3 hours and would make any printed versions obsolete.

How to Print the QR Code

  1. Log in to an administrator account on the web

  2. Click on My School and then Settings in the purple sidebar menu

  3. Jump over to the School Info tab

  4. Confirm the 'Quick Scan Refresh' setting is toggled OFF

  5. Click the purple Enter Quick Scan Mode button

  6. Click Print in the top right corner

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