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Updating from Version 2 to Version 3
Updating from Version 2 to Version 3

Learn what data transfers to V3 and how to access legacy data as a provider and as a parent.

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What Data Transfers from V2 to V3?

All V2 data transfers directly to V3 and will be reflected in the student's billing profiles and in reports.

What will V2 data look like in V3?

  • Billing Plans: All V2 billing plans (statement schedules) will be updated to V3 billing plans. Instead of sending statements in V2, we will send invoices with V3

  • Charges: All off-cycle (one-time) charges created together (same post date, due date) will be bundled into a single invoice. All non-off cycle (billing plan) charges grouped by statement (same post date, due date) will be bundled into a single invoice. One-time charges will never be bundled in the same invoice with billing plan charges.

  • Payments & Credits: Payments and credits will be applied to the oldest open charges/invoice(s) preceding it.

  • Refunds: Refunds will be tied to the original payment method.

  • Unposted, One-Time Charges: Any unposted, one-time charges on the next statement will go out with the next invoice.

  • Unposted, Billing Plan Charges: Any unposted billing plan charges meant to go out as a statement will go out as an invoice. We will carry over any changes that were made to just that invoice.

  • Reports: All V2 reports are exactly the same in V3, with the same data and the same level of granularity. We did add a few NEW reports, including the Invoices Report, Charges Report, Payments & Credits report, and the Revenue Report.

Please Note: If you previously used a single billing plan to "group" siblings together, we strongly recommend separating each student onto their own billing plan in advance of updating to V3. This method will be easiest for administrators to manage and will result in clearer reporting and accounting. Learn more about Bundled Sibling Payments on V3.

How do Providers Access Historical Billing Data from V2 in V3?

As stated above, all V2 data transfers directly to V3 and will be reflected in the student's billing profiles and in reports.

Please see the Student Transaction Summary resource for steps on exporting student transaction data over a given period, or see the Billing Transactions Report resource for more comprehensive information about all of the transactions that have been recorded on the program's ledger during a specified date range.

How do Parents Access Historical Payments from V2 for Tax and/or Reimbursement Purposes in V3?

To access payment information on the web or in the app:

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab on the web
    🚩 Make sure to do this on a computer and not from a mobile device!

  2. Confirm you are on the Accounts tab and select your student's name (if there are multiple) to open their account

  3. Scroll down and click to open the Payments & Credits tab

  4. Click the purple Export button

  5. Select the relevant date range

  6. Click Export, and a summary will be sent to your email address

  7. Click Download in the displayed pop-up to download the report immediately as a PDF

  8. Use the Total Payments tile at the top of the exported report to determine the payments made in the selected date range

💡If you have multiple children, repeat these steps for each child and then sum the total payments amount together for the full amount you paid in the given year!

Please Note: If you use your phone number to log into brightwheel, please wait for the download to appear before navigating away from the page or refreshing. If you have an email associated with your account, the export will download immediately, and a copy will also be sent to your inbox within a few minutes.

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