We're so excited to share our most updated and feature-rich Billing platform with you 🎉.

On Billing Version 3 (our newest Billing experience), administrators and parents will still have viewing access to invoices, reports, and transactional information that was collected in the original billing platform. However, there are some functionality changes to be aware of between the versions and specific steps to take when needing to access historical data that are outlined below.

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Things to be aware of before Migrating to V3

There are a few considerations to be aware of and potential steps you may want to take prior to migrating from V1 to V3.

First, if you need to perform any refunds on payments made on the V1 platform, please do so before migrating. These transactions will be "frozen" post-migration and you will not be able to initiate refunds on them. We do recommend upgrading at the close of a billing cycle after invoices have been paid and payments have been processed.

Additionally, we'd like to highlight some functionality changes in V3 that will differ from what you may be used to in V1:

  • Automatic payment reminders will be sent, but you will no longer be able to send manual reminders

  • Parents are able to make partial payments towards an invoice

  • There is not a visible history of payment methods and auto-pay being added or removed

  • Posted invoices cannot have the charge amount increased. Other changes can still be made to the invoice.

  • Invoices cannot be canceled, only voided

  • Auto-pay will not initiate payment for one-time invoices added and due immediately, it will be triggered the following day to give the parent advance notice

Steps to update your billing version

Upgrading your account is completely free, but it is irreversible so we want to make sure you have all the right information before you update your billing version.

  1. We first ask that you watch this 7-minute overview 🎥 of the upgrade process. If you need to leave and come back to it, no worries, as it will pick up where you left off!

  2. Once you finish the full video, you will be emailed steps to upgrade your account within 24-48 hours.

If you have any questions, please email billingupdate@mybrightwheel.com.

Exciting new features admins have access to on V3

  • Account credits: Ability for parents to pay ahead and for admins to add stand-alone credits to the account to apply towards future invoices.

  • Ability to edit paid invoices: Admins can now unapply payments from invoices giving full flexibility for admins to void charges and invoices even if that invoice was previously paid.

  • Ability to pass processing fees to parents: Admins now have access to a setting that allows them to pass processing fees directly to parents in brightwheel. Please

  • Ability to edit future invoices (next 4 invoices on student's billing plan): Admins now have the ability to make changes to the next four invoices in a billing plan before they are even created. This helps in situations where there is planned closures or upcoming vacation

  • Creating, pausing and deactivating billing plans in bulk: admins can now pause and deactivate student billing plans in bulk.

  • Improved tax reporting for admins and parents: Both admins and parents have easy access to print a report parents can use for tax purposes.

  • Late payment fees: Brightwheel helps admins encourage on-time payments by enabling them to easily locate students with past due balances, and when desired, to charge them a late fee.

  • Attendance Based Billing/variable charges: brightwheel's Attendance Billing tool allows administrators to set up attendance charges in advance, to quickly charge student accounts based on how long a student was in attendance - including part-time care, drop-in care, before/after care, early drop-off/late pick-up fees, and more! Charges can be assessed per minute, per hour, for half-days, or for full-days

  • Billing Dashboard: provides admins with a snapshot of where their cash flows stand and by flagging accounts that need their attention most.

  • More robust reporting : More detailed and easier to access Billing Reports.

  • Subsidy management : A way to record subsidies separate from the student billing plan. This tool is only visible to admins and will not be visible to parents.

  • Any future improvements on the roadmap: our product team is fully invested in this version of billing and will be making any and all future updates to our billing offerings on the newest version of billing only.


How can I see my previous Billing data from V1 in V3?

Historical invoice and payment data is not removed or deleted. It will transfer over to Version 3 and will be available in read-only reports. These historical transactions from V1 will not show up in a student's V3 ledger — this is because the two systems are inherently different.

Please note: if there are invoices in V1 which require refunds, you should process these refunds before updating to Version 3.

How do admins access data from V1 in V3?

V1 data can be easily accessed under Reports on the web.

  1. Click the Billing tab

  2. Click on Reports

  3. Click to view Legacy Reports or Legacy Invoices

How do parents access historical payments from V1 for tax and/or reimbursement purposes in V3?

To access payment information from the original (v1) platform on the web:

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab

  2. Click on Invoices

  3. Click on a child’s name

  4. Click on the orange Payments button on the right side

  5. Select a date range

  6. Click View Payments, and the report will be displayed

  7. Click Print Report to print or save the report

To access payment information from the new (v3) platform on the web:

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab

  2. Confirm the Accounts tab is open
    TIP: This tab should open by default

  3. Click on a child’s name

  4. Locate and click the Payments & Credits tab

  5. Under the Transaction type field, remove 'Credit' to narrow down the data to only payments (if desired)

  6. Click the grey Export button

  7. Select a date range

  8. Click Export and a summary will be sent to your email address

  9. Click Download in the displayed pop-up to download the report immediately as a PDF

  10. Use the Total Payments tile at the top of the exported report to determine the payments made in the selected date range
    Please Note: If you have multiple children, repeat these steps for each child on each platform.

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