Many programs have families with siblings enrolled. The best practice for billing siblings is to set up separate billing plans for each student individually and to have parents pay those invoices separately. This method will be easiest for administrators to manage, and will result in clearer reporting and accounting.

However, setting up separate invoices for each sibling will result in parents needing to submit multiple payments, perhaps incurring multiple processing fees. To avoid this, some administrators choose to use a single billing plan to capture charges and payments for multiple siblings.

How to Bill Siblings on One Bill Plan

When merging all sibling charges onto a single bill plan, we recommend doing so from the youngest sibling's billing profile. This means the other siblings will not have bill plans, and all of their charges will be reflected in the youngest sibling's account.

The setup is the same as setting up a billing plan for a single student. The primary difference is that this student will have multiple charges, one for each sibling.

  1. Go to the youngest sibling's billing profile

  2. Click the Select an action drop-down menu, and choose Set up a billing plan

  3. Ensure that only the youngest child is selected, and click Set Schedule

  4. Enter a billing plan name. It may be helpful to label it with each sibling's name, or with a family last name; for example "The Martin Family Billing Plan" or "Alex and Bella Martin's Billing Plan."

  5. Enter the schedule details for the billing plan (How often should parents receive bills?, When do you want the first payment to be due?, and When should parents receive their invoices?)

  6. Add separate charges for each sibling to the billing plan.
    Use the Notes field to enter the appropriate student's name, so that parents can identify which charges are related to which child. For programs that offer a family or sibling discount, discounts can be added to one or more charges.

  7. Select Preview & confirm to review the billing plan once approved click "Create billing plan"

The example below shows a sibling billing plan for siblings Alex and Bella Martin. Charges for Alex and Bella have been added to Bella's billing plan, and Alex does not have a billing plan set up.

Parent Payments

By billing siblings on one plan; parents will only receive one invoice for their children, and the charges for all will be reflected there — the invoice will be posted to the youngest sibling's account. The notes that were added to the charges will help them determine which charges are for which student. This allows them to only have to make one payment for all of their children, and those payments will only be reflected in the youngest sibling's account.

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