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Logging a new subsidy payment from an agency is quick and easy to split between multiple students.

The Subsidy Dashboard displays the total expected payment from each agency at the top of the screen and a table organized by student which will show the total amount expected and received from an agency and the difference. When expanded, the table will display each recent payment received from that agency in a separate line.

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Record a Payment

Adding a new subsidy payment can be done from the Subsidy Dashboard or from the agency's profile. When adding a new payment, a list of expected payments for all students will be displayed. Be sure to have the itemized details handy to appropriately attribute the payment to the correct students.

  1. From the Subsidy section of brightwheel Billing, choose Record a Payment from the Select an Action drop-down

  2. If necessary, select the agency this payment was received from and click Add payments

  3. Enter the check amount in the Total payment amount received field

  4. Filter and search the list of expected payments and add the amount actually received from this payment

  5. Once the entire amount is appropriately reconciled, the Total entered field should match the amount received

  6. Click Record Payment

Record Multiple Payments

When recording a new payment, it may be faster to enter the payment amount for a group of students rather than each one individually, especially if they receive the same amount from the agency. This can easily be done on the Enter Received Payments page.

  1. Use the checkbox next to each student to select all students with the same Payment Interval and Expected Amount

  2. Click Edit multiple from the green banner that appears at the bottom of the screen

  3. Fill in the information requested and click Save

Action for Underpayments

Sometimes an agency will pay out less than the expected amount listed for the student in brightwheel. The subsidy feature allows this underpayment to be logged but requires the administrator to choose one of three actions:

  • Accept Difference: This choice will result in no action being taken and will simply be tracked as the overall difference in the received and expected amounts on the agency’s profile page. The expected payment for this time period will be considered fulfilled and will not display in the future.

  • Recoup from Agency (Offline): Choosing to charge the agency allows providers to continue to track this expected amount. A new expected payment line will be added to the agency's profile page for the amount of the difference. The actual process of charging the agency must be done outside of brightwheel in accordance with that agency, this is simply for tracking purposes.

  • Charge to Parents: This option will take the difference between expected and received amounts and create a new Immediate One-time Charge that will be posted to the student’s account for the parent to pay.

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