Administrators and parent contacts can export a simplified record of transactions, including charges and payments, over any date range. This report is particularly helpful for year-end tax reporting on early childhood education spending.

Looking for details on how school/program administrators can access this report? See this related content for more information on administrator access.

Table of Contents

Transaction Summary for Parents

This report provides a summary of transactions that occurred within the selected date range. This is particularly helpful for tracking childcare spending and preparing for tax season. Parents are able to access these reports from their accounts at any time.

To export a transaction summary, follow the steps outlined below. If there is an email address associated with the account, a PDF copy of the report will be sent to that address within a few minutes.

  1. Login to brightwheel on the web and navigate to the Payments tab

  2. Click on Accounts, and select the student's name to open their account

  3. Scroll down to the Posted Transactions table

  4. Click the purple Select an action menu, and select Export Summary

  5. Use the date picker to determine the Start and End Dates

  6. Click Export

Please Note: If these steps do not reflect your experience in brightwheel, please see this article for related content for your program’s billing platform.

Explanation of Fields

At the top of the report, you will see the provider's information, including their name, address and Employer Identification Number, if applicable. This is information parents and families will likely need when filing their taxes.

The Summary of transactions will display:

  • Date Range: This will represent the date range selected when generating the report

  • Starting Balance: If the student had a starting balance added prior to their first statement, that will be reflected here. A negative starting balance will indicate a credit on the student's account and a positive amount displayed will reflect an amount due to the program prior to the first statement in brightwheel.

  • Net Charges: The total amount of charges the program has added to the student’s account in the given timeframe. Any credits or adjustments will be reflected in this total.

  • Net Payments: The total amount paid towards the student's balance by all payers within the selected date range.

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