With the release of its new billing platform, brightwheel is now allowing customers to migrate when the time is right for them. However, in order to be eligible to migrate, customers must meet two requirements. This article will walk through both requirements that need to be met in order to migrate and the steps that need to be taken in order to become eligible.

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Students with Multiple Plans

In order to be eligible to migrate to the new billing platform, each student can only have a single billing plan. In most cases, students that have multiple billing plans have a second paused plan that is no longer in use. Prior to migrating, these plans will either need to be canceled or merged into a single plan. In the example below, we will need to cancel the paused plan.

How to Correct

  1. Navigate to the Plans tab in the Billing tool

  2. Toggle on the Student with Plans

  3. Scroll through the students with plans to located those with multiple plans, you are looking for plans with either an Active or Paused status. You can use Command+F or CTRL+F and search the page for Paused

  4. Once you locate a student with more than one plan, choose Cancel from the Actions drop-down on the plan that should be removed

  5. Confirm by clicking Yes! Cancel This Plan on the pop-up

If there are charges on the second plan that needs to be added to the primary active plan, it may be beneficial to first view the plan you are removing and take a screenshot. You can then add any necessary charges from the now-canceled plan to the active one.

Twice Monthly Billing

In the new billing platform, brightwheel allows for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly billing. In the previous version, there was an option for Twice Monthly billing. However, that option has been discontinued due to limited use. If any of your students are on this interval it will need to be adjusted in order to migrate successfully. Brightwheel recommends changing these plans to a Monthly interval due at the end of the month. That way, parents will be able to make multiple payments towards their total balance throughout the month, similar to how they would with twice-monthly billing. In the image shown below, we will need to cancel the current plan and create a new plan that will accurately charge the parent.

How to Correct

  1. Navigate to the Plans tab in the Billing tool

  2. Toggle on the Student with Plans

  3. Use Command+F or CTRL+F and search the page for Twice per Month

  4. Once you locate a student on this interval, choose Cancel from the Actions drop-down

  5. Then create a new plan for this student with a billing interval of Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly

Please Note: When searching for a plan on this interval, each page will display 25 students, be sure to navigate to the next page and repeat this process in order to catch all instances.

Key Feature Differences

Statements instead of Invoices

The benefit of the new statements-based approach in Billing largely derives from parent’s existing awareness of how statements work from their cell phones, cable bills, and credit cards. First and foremost, we believe that it will both better match parents’ expectations, given their familiarity with statements for their other bills, as well as provide schools a flexible framework to set up consistent recurring charges and add incidental charges as the need arises.

Pay Ahead and Build Up a Statement Credit

Payments are completely separate and independent of statements. Parents can make a payment at any time for any amount and that payment will be added to their ledger and change the balance that they owe; parents can pay more than they owe and have a credit on their account that gets drawn down upon by subsequent charges. The credit on the account in this case resides in the school’s bank account.

Pass on Processing Fees to Parents

This feature allows you to pass processing fees along to parents. These fees will be included in any online transactions. (Note: Some state restrictions may apply. It is important to confirm your state’s processing fee regulations)

Parent Self-serve Tax Info

In the latest billing tool, we’ve created a payment “Export Summary” that allows parents to easily export a summary of their charges and payments throughout the year into a single PDF that contains a school's name, address, and EIN number -- everything they need for tax purposes.

Partial Payments

Brightwheel offers parents the flexibility to make partial payments on their balances. Every family's budgeting, finances, etc. are different, and allowing partial payments can help families pay in full every month.


The subsidy section in brighthweel enables administrators to forecast subsidy payments and easily track and apply a single subsidy payment across multiple students. If the subsidy payment is less than expected, brightwheel provides simple options to recoup the remaining balance or track the discrepancy.

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