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The pause functionality in brightwheel Billing allows administrators to temporarily suspend new statements and charges from being created. This is particularly helpful if a student is out for an extended amount of time but is expected to return. Once a plan is paused:

  • No recurring charges will be posted while paused

  • Any currently pending charges will be added to the next statement

  • Plans can be resumed at any time

When a plan is paused, parents are still able to pay towards their current balance or pre-pay to build credit on their account that will be credited towards future statements. Administrators are also still able to send immediate one-time charges which will not impact a student’s plan status.

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Pausing a Plan

Prior to pausing a student’s billing plan, make sure that this is the most appropriate action by confirming the anticipated return date. If the student is expected to be our for less than one full billing cycle, it’s recommended to simply add a credit to this student’s account rather than pausing.

Administrators can pause a billing plan easily from the Plans tab in the Billing section of brightwheel.

  1. Locate the student whose plan needs to be paused

  2. Use the drop-down located in the Plan Status column and choose Paused

  3. Select the duration for which the plan should be paused and verify the information that will populate

  4. Click Pause Plan to confirm

*Please Note: If you need to bulk pause multiple student billing plans please follow these instructions.

Currently, plans can only be paused for full billing intervals, which were set when the billing plan was created. The options are:

  • Weekly Plans: Defaults to 1 week and can be increased by 1-week intervals up to 24 weeks

  • Bi-weekly Plans: Defaults to 2 weeks and can be increased by 2-week intervals up to 24 weeks

  • Monthly Plans: Defaults to 1 month and can be increased by 1-month intervals up to 6-months

Resuming a Plan

Paused billing plans for a specific duration of time will automatically resume after the predetermined number of billing cycles. This can be checked at any time by locating the student’s billing plan in the Plans tab and filtering by paused plan status. All paused plans will display a small calendar icon that will show the date the plan is set to resume.

If needed, paused plans can be returned to active status immediately at any time. Also, if you choose to “Pause until I resume manually” you can follow these instructions listed below to resume a student’s billing plan.

  1. Locate the student whose plan needs to be resumed

  2. Use the drop-down located in the Plan Status column and choose Active

  3. Review the information provided in the pop-up and click Resume Now to confirm

*Please Note: If you need to bulk resume multiple students paused billing plans please follow these instructions.

Billing Plan Statuses

Billing plan statuses can be used to filter students on the Overview and Plans tabs by using the Billing Plan Status filter. These statuses include:

  • Active: This student has an active billing plan that is sending statements regularly

  • Paused: This student has a billing plan that has been paused and is temporarily not sending statements

  • None: This student does not have a billing plan

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