Brightwheel has begun releasing our new billing platform for new users. If the content in this article does not match what you see in your account, please click here for related content in our new platform.

There are two ways to pull reports of your billing transactions!

Start on this page: 

Export to CSV: This is the best way to pull a fully comprehensive and malleable report of every payment that has been processed through brightwheel! You can set all parameters and select Export. This will send your report to your email address and can then be opened in Excel, Google Sheets, or your preferred tool. 

This report will give you detailed information on:

-Sent Date
-Student ID
-Invoice Status
-Due Date
-Paid Date
-Payment Method
-Check Number
-Paid Note
-Paid By
-Processing Fee
-Deposit Amount
-Amount Refunded

Create Report: This is the best way to pull a quick summary of all invoices in the parameters you have set above. You can print this report or save as a PDF! This report is not editable in the same way the CSV is. It is simply hard coded data. 

The Billing Transaction Report can also be found on the Reports section of the brightwheel web portal:

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