Adding an agency is the first step to tracking subsidies in brightwheel Billing. Each agency or institution that pays your center to subside student’s tuition, educational, or nutritional costs should be added as an individual agency in brightwheel.

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Add an Agency

Adding a new agency is quick and easy in brightwheel, all that’s required is the agency name. Be sure to have a list of students the agency contributes to in order to properly complete the setup.

  1. Navigate to the Billing section of brightwheel and choose the Subsidies tab

  2. Click Add Agency

  3. Add the agency information and click Add Students

  4. Filter and search for all students that this particular agency subsidizes, click each name to select the student. This step can be skipped by not selecting any students and moving on to step 5

  5. Click Expected Payments

  6. Enter the payment frequency, the expected amount that the agency contributes to each student, and the desired start date in the future (this date defaults to the earliest possible start date)

  7. Click Review & Confirm and verify all information is correct

  8. Click Create Agency

Bulk Manage Expected Payments

When adding an agency, it may be faster to add the expected payments for a group of students rather than each one individually. This can easily be done on the Expected Payments page during set up.

  1. Use the checkbox next to each student to select all students with the same Payment Interval and Expected Amount

  2. Click Bulk Edit from the green banner that appears at the bottom of the screen

  3. Fill in the information requested and click Save

Modify an Agency’s Student List

Throughout the year you may need to add, remove, or modify the expected amount for different students. This can all be done from the Agency Profile. The process is very similar to adding a new agency, we will just use the pages a bit differently.

  1. From the Subsidy section of brightwheel Billing, click on the agency that needs to be modified

  2. Choose Edit Agency from the Select an Action drop-down

  3. The Agency Information page will allow you to edit the name or contact details, click Add Students to continue

  4. The Add Students page is where you will add any new students that this agency will be contributing towards, click Expected Payments to continue

  5. The Expected Payments allows you to add the expected payment for any new student you are adding, click Review & Confirm to continue

  6. The final Review & Confirm page is where you can remove any students that will no longer be receiving payments from this agency, simply click the trash can next to their name

  7. Once complete, click Create Agency to save your changes

Please Note: To modify the Expected Amount for a student, they will need to be removed from the agency and added back with the updated amount.

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