Currently, in brightwheel billing, the best operational practice is to set up billing plans and charges for each student individually and have parents pay against those balances separately. This method will have the most beneficial outcomes in regard to reporting and accounting for the school. Unfortunately, this also results in multiple processing fees and potential difficulty for parents and families. 

This article outlines the current best practice for merging family/sibling billing into a single profile. While brightwheel is working on expanding our offering in regard to billing families, this solution is a workaround that may help your school and families. 

How to Bill for Siblings on a Single Statement

If merging all of a family's billing into a single statement is necessary, we recommend that this be done from the youngest student's billing account. Essentially, any charges associated with all of the students in the same family will be added to a single student's profile. The remaining students will not have a billing plan associated with their accounts. 

The setup is the same as setting up a billing plan for a single student. The primary difference is that this student will have multiple recurring charges to represent the billing needs of their siblings. 

  1. From the billing section of brightwheel, locate the youngest student in the family and set up their billing plan

  2. Add recurring charges for each sibling and be sure to add their name to the notes of each of those charges

Parent Payments

Since all of the charges associated with this family will be on a single statement, parents will only be able to make payments against this single student's balance. The notes that were added to the charges will help them determine which charges are for which student. 

How to Bill for Parent Contacts Separately

If guardians would like to keep their payment information separate from one another or if they’d like to have their own single statement, you can separate the billing information further by creating multiple student profiles. These additional profiles would be strictly for billing and submitting payments.

You can label the billing profiles with the student's name and the payer's name such as "Alex Smith Dad Payment". Next, you would need to add the parent's contact information to this billing profile created for them so they'll be able to view it from their account.

The final step would be to set up a billing plan for each parent's billing profiles for the portion of tuition that each guardian owes.

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