In brightwheel Billing, parents have the option to choose how much they pay toward a student's balance, even if this is in excess of the balance due. Sometimes, parents may make these payments against the incorrect student's account, resulting in an overpayment for one student and potentially late payments for another. In these instances, we will want to transfer the student's balance so that both student's account accurately reflect the amount the parent owes the school. 

Please Note: This can process can also be used to implement our current best practices for Family Billing

Transfer a Student's Balance

Any administrator can complete the following steps to transfer a balance from the billing portion of brightwheel online. There are two key steps to transferring a balance: Issuing a Refund and Recording an Offline Payment.

Issue a Refund

The first step in transferring an overpayment will be to issue a 'refund' for the amount that you would like to transfer to the sibling. Pay close attention that the refund method chosen is Cash as no money will actually be refunded or moved. 

  1. Navigate to the Billing section a choose the Student Accounts tab

  2. Locate the student that the incorrect payment was received for and click on their name

  3. Click on the question mark in the circle in the green box and select Issue a Refund

  4. The Refund Amount should be the total amount that should have been paid toward the other student's balance

  5. For he Refund Method select Cash 

  6. For the Reason for the Refund, create a new reason called: Paid on wrong sibling’s account

  7. Click Issue Refund

Add on Offline Payment
Now that the overpayment has been removed form the original account, these funds can be appropriately logged agains the sibling that these funds should have been paid against. 

  1. Navigate back the Student Accounts tab

  2. Locate the student that the payment should have went to and click on their name

  3. Choose Record an Offline Payment from the Select an Action drop-down

  4. Select Cash as the Payment Method

  5. Enter the same amount that was issued in the refund

  6. Add a Note to the affect of "transfer from sibling’s account”

  7. Uncheck the Send payment receipt and click Add Payment

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