When you enable the 'Share with parents' toggle on a Lesson Plan, families can easily view what their child will be learning this week in their brightwheel app. This setting can be enabled by both administrators and teachers.

Developing Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are a great way for your teachers to structure their day in a classroom setting, but they can also help families maintain a sense of routine while the center is closed. Lesson Plans are structured with three main components:

  • Daily Theme: This is the general overall theme that ties together the work and activities taking place in each category and lesson throughout the day.

  • Categories: Each category is a block of time, for example: AM Lesson, Free Play, etc.

  • Lessons: Individual lessons can be added to each category to provide more direction and instruction for this time. This is a great place to add additional talking points, prompts, or resources to help parents engage with the material.

To get started with Lesson Plans:

  1. Navigate to the Learning section online and click on the  Lesson Plans tab.

  2. Create a New Lesson Plan or choose an existing one that you would like to share with parents.

  3. Fill in the content. You can add existing Lessons, or just enter text directly into the category descriptions in the lesson plan itself.

  4. Toggle on the Share with Parents at the top once you are ready.

Share Lesson Plans

Once a lesson plan has been filled out and you are ready to share it with families, you will want to make sure that it is assigned to the appropriate classroom(s) so that the the parents will be able to access the plans most relevant to their student(s). Then, simply toggle the Share with parents option on. Once shared, parents and family members will be able to view this lesson plan and its lessons in their brightwheel app.

Please Note: It is strongly encouraged to message the room(s) you have shared a lesson plan with, there is no notification to the parents.

In the parent brightwheel app, parents will find a new section on their child's profile. If they tap Learning, they'll be able to see what lessons have beed shared for that week. Parents can only see lesson plans for the current week and assigned room of the child, and only if you choose to share them.

You can share this article with families so they know how to access Lesson Plans that have been shared with them in brightwheel.

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