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The Plans tab in brightwheel Billing is designed to be an easy-to-read dashboard of all student billing plans and recurring charges that will be posted on the next statement. From this page, administrators can add new charges or adjust recurring charges that post to the student's statement each billing cycle.

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Billing Plans Dashboard

The Billing Plans dashboard is a simple consolidated view of all students enrolled in your school and their billing plan information. This dashboard allows administrators to filter by Classroom, Billing Interval, and Plan Status. This is a great way to better understand who has an active plan and which student need a billing plan set up, when statements are positing for payment, when those payments are due. 

Managing Charges

Clicking are the carrot near the student's name will expand a list of all  recurring charges associated with the student's billing plan. From this view, administrators can add new recurring charges, make edit to current charges, or remove them. 

Please Note: Any changes made to charges in this screen will recur each billing cycle. If you would like to make changes to only the next upcoming statement, utilize the Student Accounts Dashboard.

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