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This article explains what to do with your billing setup during an unexpected temporary closure with the understanding that your school will reopen with the same students and the same overall billing setup/rates.

If you will be closed temporarily, you can pause all active billing plans. If you have a Pending invoice, you will also need to cancel the invoice. To pause all plans in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Plans section of brightwheel Billing

  2. Click the Pause all active billing plans banner

  3. Confirm your action on the pop-up

Please Note: 

  • You do not need to cancel the plans. Parents do not need to make any adjustments to Autopay.

  • Once you reopen, don’t forget to restore your plans. Follow the exact same process as you did to pause.

  • Only plans that were paused via the bulk pause flow will be able to be restored later. If you manually pause other plans, they will need to be restored individually as well. 

  • Clicking unpause plan may create invoices retroactively depending on the date of when the scheduled plans were meant to send invoices. Use the ? icon to get more insight into how unpausing might affect a student’s invoices: 

If you already sent out invoices that should NOT have gone out & parents have not paid:

If you already sent out invoices that should NOT have gone out & parents have paid:

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