The brightwheel billing platform allows you to set the total starting balanced owed for a student. You can set the student's balance to a positive amount (outstanding balance) or a negative amount (credit on the account).

Setting a starting balance is helpful when you are transitioning to brightwheel billing from another billing solution. You can simply enter the beginning balance that the parent or guardian of a particular student owes your center, or the amount credited to their account.

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Set A Starting Balance

Setting a  starting balance for a student can be done from the student's Billing Account on the web portal up until the first statement has been sent to the parent. To do so:

  1.  Select Billing from the menu at the top of the screen
  2. Select the student you wish to set a starting balance for
  3. In the Total balance due tile click Set starting balance
  4. In the dialogue window that appears, enter a starting balance and optionally enter notes for the balance (the starting balance can be positive or negative)
  5.  Review the amount balance details then click the Issue start balance button.

You will then see the starting balance added to the Total balance due box and a transaction line item will be listed under the Activity since last statement section and labeled Starting balance.

Updating A Starting Balance

If necessary you can also update the starting balance up until the fist statement has been sent to the parent. This is helpful if the starting balance you've set is incorrect or if it has changed.

This is done from the same screen as mention above and will result in a second transaction line item under the Activity since last statement section.

  1. Click Update starting balance
  2. In the Dialogue window that appears adjust the starting balance by entering an adjustment amount under Adjustment, and optionally enter notes for the adjustment
  3. Finally, click the Update starting balance button
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