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Credits are the way for schools to correct or modify charges that were added to a statement that has already posted to the student’s account or account for funds that the center owes to the parent. Credits reduce the amount the parent owes. If the charge that you would like to adjust is still on the draft statements, here’s how to do that. Credits must be linked to a particular charge that is being modified - this helps with reporting & accounting long after the adjustment was added. Credits are shown in teal throughout the billing product to help them stand out.

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Issuing a Credit

There are times where an administrator will need to issue a credit to a parent for things like vacations, holidays, extended leaves, etc. Rather than issuing a refund or a discount, administrators can issue a new credit to the student's account. Unlike adjusting a charge, adding a credit is a standalone transaction that simply lowers the amount owed by the parent.

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page
  2. Choose Add a credit from the Select an action drop-down
  3. Enter the Amount, choose Starting Balance from the Reason drop-down, and add any additional Notes
  4. Once complete click Add credit

Adjusting a Charge

Credits can be issued by an administrator to any charge on a statement that was previously posted to the student’s account by using the Adjust a charge feature. Follow the steps outlined below to add a credit to a student’s account:

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page
  2. Choose Adjust a charge from the Select an action drop-down
  3. Locate the charge that needs to be adjusted by using the available filters and click Select
  4. Enter the amount that needs to be credited up to the total amount of the charge and provide a reason (if you would like to add a new reason, simply type out the full reason text and hit Enter)
  5. Click Issue credit

This action will appear in the Activity Since Last Statement section of the student’s account page and the parent will be notified. 

Please Note: Credits will not refund the funds to the parent, these funds will remain on the students account as a credit and be applied towards future charges. Here is how you issue a refund.

Account Credits

Parents are able to submit payments for any amount. This means that they can pay less than their current balance but it also means that they can pay more than their balance. Overpayments result in a credit on their account. 

As a result of an overpayment the top box that typically reads Total balance due will turn green and read This account has a credit of. There is no additional action required here, once a new statement with charges has posted, the new balance will automatically draw against that credit and display what the parent owes after that. 

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