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Everything about a student’s billing plan, payment activity, and charge history can be accessed from one easy location. Student Billing Accounts are automatically populated when a billing plan is set up. From this one central location, administrators can view a student’s running balance, view or modify pending charges, modify a student’s plan, and view all historical activity on the student’s account. 

The student’s billing account page can be found by navigating to the billing platform in brightwheel, clicking on the Student Accounts tab, and then choosing the desired student.

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Student Accounts Dashboard

The Student Accounts dashboard is a simple consolidated view of all students enrolled in your school and their balances and pending charges. This dashboard allows administrators to filter by Classroom, and Plan/Student Statuses. This is a great way to better understand who has an active plan, when their next statement will post, and their current/past due balance. 

By clicking the carrot, administrators can quickly review all pending charges that will be posted the to the student's account on the next statement. This view allows administrators to quickly catch errors and correct them prior to the statement send date. 

Click into any of the student's personal billing accounts to get more information,


At the top of a student’s billing account page, you will see a purple box that reads Select an action. These actions let you add charges, issue credits, and manage the billing plan for that specific student. A detailed article for each of these actions can be found by clicking the links below. 

*Please Note: These actions can also be done in bulk from the Students Account page. 


A student’s balance is reflected at the top of their billing account page. At the top of the page, you can see:  

  • Total Balance Due: This is the total owed to the school, including both the balance that is due soon and past due

  • Total Past Due: If a statement's balance has not been paid in full, this box will turn red and display the total of past due charges

  • Total Credit: If the parent has paid more than they owe, the balance due box turns green and will display the total overpayment or credit on their account

Charges, payments, refunds, and credits all affect a student’s total balance. To see more about how a specific action is displayed, check out our Account Balances article.

Parent Payment Method

To the right of the account balances, you will notice a box that displays the parent(s) name and their default payment method. In addition, you will be able to see if these parents have enabled Autopay or not. This provides an at-a-glance summary of the parent’s payment method & autopay status. It is a view-only feature; only parents can manage their payment methods. 


The majority of the student’s billing account page shows two things: the current pending charges for this billing period and, below that, all posted transactions.  

Pending Charges

At the start of each billing period, a new draft statement will be generated. This is where all pending charges will appear. A statement will remain in draft mode until the next statement send date.  When a draft statement is open, administrators can add additional charges and discounts. During this time, the parent will not be notified of any modifications (parents cannot see any pending charges until the statement is sent). At midnight on the end date of the billing period, this statement will be closed and posted to the student’s account. The following morning, the parent(s) will be notified that a new statement is available.

Any activity other than charges (ie: payments, credits, and refunds), will be listed in the Posted transactions section. These cannot be directly edited, but they will appear on the statement once it posts to the student’s account. 

Read more about adding and modifying statements and schedules here.  

Posted Transactions

The bottom section of the student's billing account you will see a line item list of all posted transactions. This is where administrators can view, search, and filter for every transaction that has occurred on the student’s account. This includes: charges, payments, credits, and refunds.

Past Statements 

At the top of the Posted Transactions section , you will find a link to View all statements. Here you will find list of all the statements that have been posted to the student’s account in the past. These are viewable and exportable in a PDF format.

Export Summary

Administrators and student contacts with parent level access can export a simplified record of transactions including charges and payments, over any date range. This report is particularly helpful for year-end tax reporting on early childhood education spending. These are viewable and exportable in a PDF format. You can read more on this here

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