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The first step in accepting payment online through brightwheel is to add a deposit account. This is the account that all funds parents pay toward their balances will be deposited into, this must be a checking account. While this is not required to use the billing platform for statements and payment tracking, it is the fastest and easiest way to get paid by parents.

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Add Deposit Account

In order to add a deposit account and collect payments through the brightwheel app, the School Information section needs to be completed. Once that section has been filled out, the option to add your bank account information will be displayed.

School Information

To get started, the billing administrator will first need to enter the school's information. When adding a new deposit account, you have the option of:

  • Corporation/LLC - Choose this option if your school has an Employee Identification Number (EIN), issued by the IRS, that the center files taxes under

  • Individual/Sole Proprietorship - If your center does not have an EIN, choose this option. The Social Security Number of the billing administrator is required by law, please see this article for more information. The billing administrator must be the individual that taxes are filed under.

  1. Navigate to the Billing section of brightwheel

  2. Go to the Settings tab

  3. Choose Corporation/LLC or Individual/Sole Proprietorship

  4. Click Continue

  5. Complete the requested fields in their entirety and click Save

Please Note: Your Billing Administrator should be the person who manages and is authorized to make decisions about the company's funds. That can be the owner, site manager, staff accountant, etc. The Billing Administrator does not need to match the name of the Bank Account owner.

Deposit Account

Once the above information is complete and saved, the option to add a deposit account will appear. The deposit account should be a checking account only. To add your account, enter the bank’s routing number the desired checking account number, and click Save.

Please Note: Deposit accounts cannot be a savings account.

Tax Details

This section will only appear if the Corporation/LLC option was chosen in the first step. In order for our payment processor to verify the center as a business entity, the Legal Business Name and Employee Identification Number (EIN) is required. Be sure these match exactly with the IRS records. Once this information is saved a pop-up will appear to confirm the details entered.

It can take roughly a few business days for your account to be fully verified and ready to receive payments. The best way to ensure that your account is verified quickly is to enter all required information as accurately as possible. While the account is being verified, the details entered cannot be edited.

Once your account has been verified, you can determine the payment methods and settings that best fit the needs of the center.

Verify Deposit Account

Sometimes the payment processor will request additional information about the deposit account and/or the billing administrator. These additional steps are taken to confirm the identity of the listed person and help prevent the misuse of the brightwheel billing platform.

In the case that additional information is required, your account administrator will receive an email outlining exactly what steps need to be taken, how to follow up, and a direct email address to direct any of your questions.

Responding to these requests in a timely manner is vital to getting your program up and running on brightwheel billing as quickly as possible.

Check out this article to learn more about why brightwheel may request personal information to verify your company's billing account.

Remove Deposit Account

To remove a deposit account for any reason, please complete this form. Our support team will be able to assist you in removing this account and will follow up once complete.

Removing a deposit account will mean that parents will no longer be able to make payments through the brightwheel platform.

Please Note: If you would like to change a deposit account, the routing and account numbers can be edited after the original account has been completely verified.

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