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Recurring Charges are charges that are automatically added to a student’s statement on a set frequency. This could include weekly or monthly tuition charges, meal fees, diaper fees, etc. These charges can recur on the same interval as your statement schedule or any other interval you choose. For example, if you set up your statement schedules on a monthly interval but want to post the tuition fees weekly, there will be 4 - 5 tuition line items on the student’s statement when it is posted to their account at the close of the billing period (depending on the month).

To help with accounting and assist parents in understanding what each charge means, there is are several fields that  accompany each individual charge or line item:

  • Category: The high-level grouping of similar charges. This is especially valuable for reporting purposes. A common example is “tuition”. Categories allow you to group all of the various tuition charges your school has together and be able to report on it.

  • Description: The unique label that identifies the charge. An example of the description would be Toddler full time or Infant 3 days.

  • Amount: The dollar amount that will be charged.

  • Dates of Service (Optional): This is a date range relative to the send date - it can be for the interval previous, during, or following the send date. For example, if a monthly recurring charge is sent on the 28th, it could be for the previous month, the current month, or the following month.

  • Notes (Optional): Administrators can add a note to the recurring charge when it’s added to a billing plan that will be included on the statement.

  • Interval: The frequency with which the recurring charge will be automatically added to a statement. Just like statements, the choices are monthly or weekly.

  • Recurs On (Dependent on Interval): In the case where the recurring charge interval is different from the statement interval, the Recurs On field defines when the charge will be added to a statement. For example, if you are sending monthly statements but charge for weekly tuition and charges are set to recur on Mondays, a statement from a month that contains 5 Mondays will include 5 tuition charges, whereas a statement from a month with only 4 Mondays will include 4 tuition charges. Similarly, if you send weekly statements but charge a monthly diaper fee that is set to recur on the 1st of the month, parents will see the diaper fee on the weekly statement that includes the 1st of the month.

Table of Contents

Add a Recurring Charge

Recurring charges can be added to a student’s billing plan when setting up the initial statement schedule. These can also be added at any time for a student who  already has a statement schedule assigned. 

Recurring charges added to a student with a live billing plan will have the charge added to the student’s draft statement on the next eligible Recurs On date. This could be the current Draft Statement (default) or the following statement, depending on if you’ve changed the charge interval and the Recurs On day/date of the new recurring charge. 

To add a recurring charge:

  1. Navigate to the student's Billing Account page

  2. Choose Manage billing plan from the Select an action dropdown

  3. At  the bottom of the Recurring Charges section Select an existing charge from the drop down or Create a recurring charge

  4. Verify or complete the charge fields

  5. Click Save

Please Note: Any recurring charge added will automatically be added to the student’s billing plan and will be added to future statements.

Edit a Recurring Charge

A recurring charge that has been added to a student’s draft statement can be edited any time prior to the send date. This can be done on a student-by-student basis as a one time change:

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page

  2. Click the pencil icon on the charge line item

  3. Make the desired changes

  4. Click Update pending charge at the bottom of the page

Updating a pending charge will only update the charge for that upcoming statement period and will not update the recurring charge associated with the students billing plan. You will need to edit a students billing plan if you would like to see these changes reflected in future billing periods:

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page

  2. Choose Manage billing plan from the Select an action drop down

  3. Click the pencil icon on the charge line item

  4. Make the desired changes

  5. Click Update recurring charge at the bottom of the page

Please note that updating a recurring charge will only update the charge for future statement periods and will not impact any charges in the Pending charge window on the student account.

Remove a Recurring Charge

There are cases where you may need to completely stop recurring charges from being added to a student's future statements. This may be due to a change in scheduling/attendance or maybe the student is no longer using diapers. To stop recurring charges:

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page

  2. Choose Manage billing plan from the Select an action drop down

  3. Click the Trash icon on the charge line item

  4. Confirm and click Yes, delete recurring charge

Please Note

  1. Editing or deleting Recurring charges on a student's billing plan will not update charges listed in the Pending charges window on the student account

  2. Updating a Pending charge will not update the student's recurring charge moving forward and will only apply the change to that upcoming charge for the upcoming statement period.

  3. If the changes made to a recurring charge should apply right away (in the upcoming statement period), please update both the Pending and Recurring charges to have changes reflect instantly and moving forward.

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