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Sometimes a parent’s payment does not go as expected. Being aware of these occurrences and following up in a timely manner is vital to insure that your program is paid for services rendered and parents are aware of what is happening on their student’s billing account.

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Failed Payments

If a payment made against a balance fails, brightwheel will immediately alert both the program administrator and the parent via email. 

Brightwheel will also add a line to the Activity Since Last Statement section of the student’s billing account indicates the attempted payment failed as well as the reason, and the amount will be added back to the student’s total balance due

If a payment fails to your school, we recommend you get in touch with the payer directly to resubmit that payment. Once they're ready, the parent can submit a new payment against the balance due. If possible, the reason the payment failed will be included in the email, if there is not a stated reason, the parent should reach out to their financial institution for further information.

Please Note: If the failed payment was made via Autopay, it will not be automatically attempted again.  The parent or payer must manually make the payment through their brightwheel account.

Typically failed payments are caught quickly and never process to your account, but occasionally a parent's payment then fails after brightwheel has already made that deposit into the program’s account. When this happens, brightwheel will deduct that payment to reconcile that those funds. Details about this deduction can be found in your Deposit Details Report. In addition to the emails sent whenever a payment fails to alert you to the failure, brightwheel will either take the withdrawal out as a stand-alone transaction from your program’s bank account (resulting in a negative deposit) or group it with the deposit you have scheduled that day.

Disputed Charges

Occasionally, parents may make an official dispute directly with their credit card company or bank. By disputing these charges, the parent completed what is called a 'chargeback.' In those situations, an investigation is conducted by the credit card company itself. In the instance that a credit card company rules in favor of a parent, the company could withdraw the money from the service provider. Credit card companies have the power to pull back funds. Sometimes the parent's credit card provider will dispute the charge on the parent's behalf if they don't recognize the vendor. If the dispute is from a bank, it immediately is sided with the customer and the dispute is closed with no option to submit evidence.

In the rare case of this happening, we make every effort to support providers. As soon as we learn of a dispute, brightwheel will email both the school and parent to get more information. Ideally, the school and parent can connect offline, and the parent will drop the dispute.

If a dispute is not dropped, brightwheel will send your billing administrator an email outlining the process and requesting any evidence you may have to prove a charge is valid. The billing administrator has 5 business days to respond to that email. Once brightwheel receives the requested evidence, we will submit it to our payment processor, who will in-turn send that to the parent's credit card company. Because these disputes are handled by the credit card company, we are not privy to the details of such investigations. Please note that this is specific to credit card transactions; many providers elect not to accept credit cards. We give the choice to providers - it is up to them to choose whether to accept credit card payments; bank transfers are always an option.

If a dispute is lost by the school, brightwheel will charge $15 chargeback fee.

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