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Brightwheel provides parents with the simplest payment experience in early childhood education. Brightwheel makes it easy for parents to quickly see what they’re being charged for and make a payment. With an easy-to-understand statement, similar to your phone, cable, or utility bills - brightwheel’s statements show in one quick view your previous balance, all activity including charges and payments, the resulting new balance and the due date.

Brightwheel puts parents in control. You can change payment methods whenever you want instead of having to submit paperwork to your school. Parents can initiate payments and make a payment for any amount - both less than or greater than the current balance. You can also easily print statements or all of their account activity between specified dates for reimbursement purposes. This can even be done from your mobile app!

Download our Parent Setup Guide for more insight into the brightwheel billing platform!

Table of Contents

Student Accounts

Your student’s billing account page will be your go-to for all things billing related. This is where you will have access to the amount owed to the school, current and past statements, and all historical billing records. To find this page, log into brightwheel online and click on Payments at the top of the screen or tap the three lines on your mobile app and tap Payments.

Included on the Student Billing Account page:

  • Make a Payment: The Make a Payment button is displayed in the upper right hand corner, if you do not have a payment method on file, clicking this button will invite you to add one prior to completing the payment flow.
  • Total Balance Due: This is the blue box that contains the sum of all the account’s past activity and represents the amount that you currently owe the school including any past due balance (if you have already paid more than what you owe the school, this box will turn green and display the total credit on your account).
  • Total Past Due: This is the sum of charges that are past due. If nothing is past due, this box will be gray and display a $0.00 balance. Once a balance is past due, it will display red with that sum.
  • Most Recent Statement: The most recent statement posted to your student’s account will display at the top near the balance for quick viewing access.
  • Activity Since Last Statement: These are transactions that have occurred since the last statement was sent. Transactions that would be visible here include payments, credits, and refunds which always post immediately to the student’s account.
  • Past Statements: The list of all statements created for the student are available for you to view, download, or print. 

If you have not yet received any statements from the school for your child, you will see $0 for the balance due and past due along with an empty Statements table. You will be able to make a payment. Making a payment would result in a positive current balance, or Credit, showing that you have paid more than what you currently owe the school.

Account Activity History

As a parent you can see all of your account activity consolidated in one view. In addition to statement PDFs, you can use this view to generate the reports that you may need for reimbursement purposes. You can filter by start date and end date to see all of the activity for a particular date range.

To access this view, click the link at the top of the Past Statements table that reads View All Activity. This view contains the following activity types:

  • Charges: These are the line items that the school has charged you, The format for these will be Category: Description.
  • Payments: Any payments made will show up here, including online payments made through brightwheel or offline payments entered by school administrators. The format for these will be Payment: Payment Method or Offline Payment: Payment Method.

To make this view as useful as possible, you can filter and print this report at any time with the following options:

  • Date Filters: Select a posted date range over which you would like to see all of the account’s activity; choosing a beginning date will show all activity since that date, choosing an end date will show all activity prior to that date, choosing both will display all activity that took place between those dates. 
  • Transaction Type Filter: Quickly see all of the transactions of a certain type - for example, if you want to see all of the payments you’ve made or all of the charges you’ve received.
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