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Parents can make a payment of any amount (minimum $0.50) at any time utilizing any of the verified payment methods that they have added to brightwheel. The payment flow makes it clear how much you currently owe and how much you will owe after making the payment successfully.

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Make a Payment

Parent contacts can make a payment against their student’s balance from their account at any time. This can be done directly from the Payments section of brightwheel online or from the mobile app.

  1. Navigate to the Payments section online or in your mobile app and select the desired student

  2. Click Make a Payment

  3. Enter any amount that should be paid (the default amount shown here will be the current balance due)

  4. Choose the desired payment method from the drop-down (the default payment method will be automatically chosen)

  5. Confirm and click Pay Now

Pay on Mobile

Pay Online

Please Note: If the provider has chosen to pass processing fees to parents, you will see an additional Processing fee charge.

Paying Ahead

When making a payment, parent contacts are able to choose any amount over $0.50, even if it exceeds the total amount due to the provider. If the payer opts to pay more than their current balance, this overpayment will display on the student’s account page as a credit. The balance due box will turn green and display the total account credit. Any future charges will deduct from this account credit prior to displaying a new balance owed.

Incorrect Amounts or Charges

If at any time you believe there was a mistake on your student’s statement or some other error with your payment, please reach out to your school directly. Please note that brightwheel does not manage your billing and cannot issue refunds, change charges, or interact in any way with your billing account. See more on this here.

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