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Available on Mobile

Connectivity issues happen, sometimes your WiFi is down or you are just unable to connect to a network, but you still need to see who is checked into your classroom. Think fire drills! That's why we created our View Attendance Offline feature. This feature enables teachers to view the most recent check-in status of the students in their room.

View Attendance While Offline

If your device ever loses connection, you will see a banner indicating that your device has gone offline. When this occurs, you will see the View last attendance button appear at the top of the screen. Tap that and you will be presented with a list of checked-in students and the last time that an attendance activity occurred at your center. Attendance data will be updated for any check-in that occurs, regardless of which device the check-in happened on.

Connection Restored

Once your connection has been reestablished, you should be able to use the app as you normally do with no interruption. 

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