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Can I pause a plan?

Absolutely! Pausing a plan for a student on vacation or leave is easy, simply locate the student's plan and select Options > Pause. Don't forget to unpause by following the same steps when the student returns.

Can I cancel a plan?

Yes! Cancelling a student's plan once they leave your center or their billing cadence changes is quick and simple. Locate the student's plan and select Options > Cancel.
Please Note: This can NOT be undone! You must also cancel any invoices that have already been created by this plan.

Can I edit a plan?

Editing a plan is also easy, locate the plan and choose Options > Edit. Here you can edit the plan end date, parent notification days, dates of service, and the items/discounts being billed. 

Why can't I edit the billing interval, billing due date, or plan start date?

Once a plan has been created, the interval, due date, and start date are not able to be edited. If you need to change the cadence at which you bill your customer, please cancel this plan and create a new one!

Why did the invoice still charge, when the plan was cancelled?

Note that once an invoice has been created and sent through a plan, editing or deleting a plan will not delete that invoice. If you cancel a plan, please confirm that any invoices that have already been created are cancelled as well.  

Can I export a report of my plans?

Not at this time. 

Can I add a student to an existing plan?

Once a plan has been created, it can not be applied to any other students. Please create a new plan and assign it to as many students as you like during creation!

Can I add the dates of service to invoices sent with plans?

Yes, you can opt to automatically add the dates of service to each invoice. Depending on the frequency of invoices you send to your parents, you can choose to have the dates of service on the invoice displayed for the current, previous, or following month. We even have a handy tool that will calculate the dates which will appear on the first invoice before you create the plan, and show you a preview! Many parents require this information for reimbursement purposes, so it's a good idea to add that data.

Can my parents see their plans?

No. Plans are only visible to the school. Your parents will only be able to see and make payments on invoices.

Why do I still see my cancelled plans?

This information is there so that you may have a record of changes made. You may use the toggle at the top right of the Plans screen to not show any students without an active plan. 

Looking for information about how to create a plan? Please see this article. 

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