The beginning and end of the school year is a busy time and we know that this requires a lot of preparation and planning. To make things just a little bit easier, we've created this quick checklist to ensure that your brightwheel account is kept up to date and working for you. 

When preparing for this time of year, you will want to focus on theses key areas:

  1. Update your school's roster

  2. Student room and status changes

  3. Pausing or starting your billing plans

Update Roster

The shift between school years means some students are aging into a new classroom, graduating, or just starting at your program. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make all of these updates as quickly as possible. Our roster submission tool allows you to export your current roster, make all the edits that you need, and then upload it to send to us. We'll take care of the import. 

This is a great way to update student statuses, room assignments, schedules, etc. When making these edits, be sure to leave the brightwheel_id unchanged. 

You can also add your new students to the bottom of this list and they will be added to your roster once we import the file. This is the best, all in one tool for your yearly updates!

Statuses and Homeroom

If your changes are less severe, you can utilize our bulk update options from the room list. This will allow you to quickly select the students who need to be reassigned to a different room or have their enrollment status updated and make these updates in just a couple of clicks. 

It's important to keep student's enrollment statuses up to date because they can be used to filter students throughout the web and mobile apps. This is a great way to archive students that no longer attend your program, but you still need access to their information for reporting purposes. 

Billing Plans

Setting up recurring billing plans is a great way to automate your billing workflow, but it is important that these plans get updated as your school years change. 

End of School Year

At the end of the school year, be sure to check through your billing plans and cancel any plans for graduating or removed students. If you do not have a summer program, or if the changes change for services outside of the school year, you will want to be sure and pause plans for those students you expect to return the following year. 

Beginning of School Year

New year, new plans! This is the ideal time to edit those plans you paused at the end of the school year. Maybe your tuition rates have changed or you're offering a different level of service for particular students. Whatever you need, this is the time to edit plans for existing students and create plans for those students who will be joining you for the first time. 

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