Brightwheel has begun releasing our new billing platform for new users. If the content in this article does not match what you see in your account, please click here for related content in our new platform.

The Billing Overview Dashboard is a great tool for school administrators and directors to see a quick at-a-glance Summary of outstanding and pending totals, a Student Table to quickly see important billing info for each student and take actions, and Notifications for key billing events. 

This Billing Overview Dashboard will only be displayed for brightwheel billing users who have set up a deposit account in our system; i.e. schools who are processing online payments through brightwheel. Schools that are are not using billing or who are using billing only to capture offline payments will not see this Billing Overview Dashboard.

Overview Summary

The Billing Overview Summary panel allows you to quickly see totals for invoices that are owed, past due, and pending:

  • Total Amount Owed - This is the sum of all of the open invoices including invoices that are past due

  • Past Due - The sum of all of the open invoices that are past due

  • Pending - Sum of payments that are pending, meaning they have been paid but not yet in transit or deposited to your account

Student Table

The Student Table can be filtered by Student Name, Room, Enrollment Status, and Autopay Status. This table displays the following information:

  • Total Balance Due - This is total of all of the open invoices for that student including invoices that are past due

  • Past Due Balance - The total of all of the open invoices for that student that are past due

  • Autopay Status - Displays whether the student's parent has Autopay turned ON or OFF

Student Options

At the end of  each student line there is an Options dropdown. This allows you to quickly:

  • Invite parents to billing and to turn on Autopay if they have not already

  • See the student's invoices on the Invoices tab with a single click

  • View the student's profile with a single click


Brightwheel will provide schools with notifications for the following billing events:

  • Deposit - Each deposit will result in a notification and will include a link to that deposit's Details View

  • Autopay - Any time a parent turns Autopay ON or OFF for a child, a notification will be shown

  • Failed Payment - A failed payment will show as a notification with a link to the invoice that the payment was intended to apply towards 

Please Note: Notifications are only refreshed when you open the Billing Overview Dashboard, so if you stay on the Billing Overview Dashboard for an extended period you will not see any new notifications that may occur.

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