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There may be times that sending an sms message to your parents is the best form of communication. You may want all the parents on your roster to receive an alert, even if they don't have the brightwheel app yet. Or if there is an urgent or emergency situation. When you use this feature, any parent with a phone number stored in the app will receive an SMS message to their phone.

SMS Messaging 

Administrators can do this from our Message all Parents feature within the Admin Tools in the brightwheel mobile app, or from the Web Messaging feature using Announcements.

From the Administrator Dashboard in the app:

  1. Click Message all Parents
  2. Select the speech bubble icon (top right)
  3. Select the room(s) you want to message, or select all (top right) to message all parents
  4. Select Alert
  5. Toggle on "Send SMS Message"
  6. Type the message and Send 

Parents will receive a text message. They can respond by logging into the app and sending a message. If they try to respond via text instead, they will receive a text back letting them know that they cannot text back, but can message you by logging into the app and sending a message.

Please Note: SMS text messages have a 300 character limit

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