Messaging all parents at once is a great way for your center to announce school closures, events, updates and anything else you would like to share. This feature has been specifically designed for school administrators to better communicate with parents by room or the entire program at once. In addition, administrators can still send messages to specific student(s) just like their teachers.

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Administrator Messaging on Mobile

The messaging platform on mobile is an easy way to keep track of all of the conversations happening at your school at any given time. Tap on any of the conversations listed to read and reply at any time. To create a new message or mass message:

  1. Open the brightwheel app to the Administrator Home page

  2. Click the Messages badge at the top of the screen

  3. Tap the Speech Bubble in the top right-hand corner

  4. Choose Message Students to send a message to specific students in the same room, or Message Rooms to send a mass messages to one or multiple rooms

  5. Select the room(s) or students(s) you want to message, or select all (top right) to message all parents

  6. Select the Message Type you wish to send

  7. Type the message and Send

Parents will receive the message in their inbox on the app, or if you've chosen an SMS Alert, the message will also be delivered to the phone number on file.

Administrator Messaging on the Web

The Announcement feature enables administrators to send messages to all of the parents in a room or many rooms, just like the mass message feature in the brightwheel mobile app. To send a new announcement:

  1. Open the brightwheel website

  2. Click on the speech bubble in the top right-hand corner

  3. Go to the Announcement tab and click +New Announcement

  4. Select the desired room(s) and click Next

  5. Pick the message type you would like to send from the drop-down

  6. Compose your message in the text box and click Send Announcement

Please Note

  • Even parents that have not activated their brightwheel account will receive mass message SMS texts (mobile only)*, so this is a great way to send a personalized message inviting your parents to the brightwheel platform.

  • Only parents whom you've added with cell phone numbers will receive text messages.

  • Messages and Announcements sent via the web will be visible in the mobile app for parents.

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