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Invite Teachers and Staff to brightwheel
Invite Teachers and Staff to brightwheel
Invite staff to sign up for and log in to their brightwheel account
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While many schools will invite staff members as they are added to a school's brightwheel account, some prefer to hold off until they are ready to launch the platform at their school! If you didn’t send an invitation during the account creation process, you can send it at any time after as long as the staff member has an email address listed for their account.

We'll walk you through how to invite teachers and staff through the web and mobile apps. You can also track who has completed their account activation right from the web app!

If your staff member(s) are using brightwheel as a staff member and a parent, review our resource here for more information on how their accounts should be set up.

Table of Contents

Invite on the Web

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Click to expand My School and select Staff

  3. Scroll down and locate the staff member you wish to invite

  4. Click the Options dropdown menu
    Please Note: You can also click the staff member’s name to be loaded into their profile and will be able to click the orange Invite for the first time button at the top of the profile

  5. Select Invite

  6. Click Yes, Invite in the confirmation popup

💡If you have multiple staff members to invite at once, click the orange Invite All button and then click Invite all again to send the invitations!

You can also click View invite under the 'Status' column to preview the invitation that will be sent!

Invite Staff From Your Mobile App

  1. Log in to your account on the app

  2. From the Administrator Home, tap School Profile

  3. Select the Staff tile at the top of the dashboard

  4. Choose the desired staff member to be invited

  5. Tap the orange Invite to join brightwheel button at the top of the screen

You can easily view a preview of the invitation that will be sent from your account on the web by looking at the Staff List and clicking View invite under the 'Status' column!

Tracking Sign-ups and Resending Invitations

You can track staff signups at any time right from the Staff List. In addition to tracking sign-ups, if you’ve sent an invitation and the staff member hasn’t received it, you can easily resend it! Review more details on Tracking Staff Sign-Ups if needed.

Please Note: If you’ve resent an invitation, however, the staff member is still not receiving it; we suggest advising them to manually sign up and activate their account by using the same email address you use to create their account.

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