While many schools will invite staff members as they are added to a school's brightwheel account, some prefer to hold off until they are ready to launch the platform at their school. That's no problem!  We'll walk you through how to invite teachers and staff through the web and mobile apps. You can also track who has completed their account activation right from the web app!

Please Note: If a teacher is also a parent, that teacher needs a separate email address. See more on that here.

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Invite Staff From The Web

Invite your teachers and staff from the web app at any time. Simply log into the web app, and click on Staff from the top menu. Scroll down to the staff member you wish to invite and click the Options button to the right of their name and choose Invite

Confirm that you would like to invite this staff member by clicking Yes, Invite on the pop-up

The staff member will receive the following email with instructions on how to complete their account setup:

Invite Staff From Your Mobile App

Sending invites from your mobile app is just as easy:

  1. Select School Profile from the Administrator Home screen

  2. Tap the Staff card from the top

  3. Choose the desired staff member you wish to invite

  4. Hit the Invite to Join School button at the top of the profile

A small bubble at the bottom of the screen will confirm that the invitation was sent and the button will disappear. The staff member will receive the same email as shown above.

Tracking Staff Sign-Ups

You can track the status of your staff member's activation from the Web version of brightwheel.

  1. Click the Staff tab 

  2. View the information to the right of each name. Their status will read Not Invited, Invited, Activated, or Needs Email

Please Note: If they have not yet signed up, you can send a reminder by clicking Options > Remind

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