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After you have created Lessons and added them to your Lesson Plans, you can search and view them anytime from the Learning section on your mobile device.

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Find and View Lesson Plans

Teachers who are assigned to Rooms can view any Lesson Plans assigned to those Rooms.  If your school uses Room Device Mode, Lesson Plans assigned to that Room will be visible to anyone who uses that device. 

To navigate to your saved Lesson Plans:

1. Open the Room you wish to view, and tap the Learning icon or tab

2.  Next, Tap Lesson Plans to view the plans that are available in that room

3. Drag the calendar at the top of the screen to scroll through the days, this screen will default to the current week

Please Note: The iOS app does not allow for scrolling through weeks at this time. 

Alternatively, use the magnifying glass to search keywords to find the desired lesson:

4. Once you find the desired lesson plan and day, tap on the green bar under the category's description to view the full Lesson

Search Lessons

Much like the Lesson Plans, you can search for individual Lessons directly from your mobile app using key words. From the Learning section of your brightwheel app:

  1. Choose Lessons

  2. Tap in the search bar presented

  3. Type key words in the lesson that you are searching for

  4. Tap on the lesson plan to view

Log Observations from Lessons

To simplify the process of logging observations and tracking progress, you can add Milestones directly to your Lessons upon creation. This allows teachers and staff to add Observations directly from the Lesson in the mobile app:

  1. From the Learning tab tap on the Lessons icon

  2. Search for the Lesson you are intending to log an observation for and tap on it

  3. Tap on Add Observation at the bottom of the screen

  4. Select the students you wish to log this observation for and tap Next

  5. Add any additional notes, pictures, or edits as needed; once ready tap Create

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