We’re excited to welcome you to brightwheel! Brightwheel is the fastest and easiest to use software in early education. It does still require an investment to get fully setup. The details below explain the steps to getting started and the timeline we recommend. 

ADD ROOMS, STUDENTS & PARENTS [2 days before onboarding call]

ACTIVATE BILLING TOOL [2 days before onboarding call] 

  • Enter your deposit account information to get started on the brightwheel billing and invoicing tool. To do so enter your information under Activate Account in the Billing tab. Check out our Billing Getting Started video here

ONBOARDING CALL  [7-10 days before launch] (optional, Premium customers only)

  • Qualified premium customers get a personal onboarding session with an experienced onboarding coach. Not sure what you need for your onboarding session? See our Onboarding Call Prep Guide.

INVITE & TRAIN STAFF [5-8 days before launch]

INVITE PARENTS [3-7 days before launch] 

  • If you have already added parents to brightwheel in prior steps, you can officially invite them in one easy step: just click “Invite All” on the Parents page. This will send each parent a personal email or text message from brightwheel. You can also send an optional email using the introduction email draft we have prepared. If you have not yet added parents, you can add and invite them from the same Parents page.


  • The big day! If you have any questions, contact us via email or chat (see below). 

STATUS CHECK [3-5 days after launch]

Need assistance? Check out our Getting Started resources. You can also email support@mybrightwheel.com or chat with us directly by logging into mybrightwheel.com and clicking the chat bubble in the lower right corner. 

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