STUDENT CHECK IN: How do you want parents to check students in? Your options include:

  • Check-in Kiosk: A locked device for parents to check in/out.
  • Signature: You can require parents to digitally sign. 
  • Quick Scan: Enable parents to check in from their own mobile device.

Note that Staff can also take attendance, mark absent, and move students to other room using the attendance feature.

STAFF CHECK IN: Do you want to use brightwheel for staff to check in/out?  This enables you to track teacher:student ratios real-time in each room, and many schools also use for payroll purposes.

  • Staff check in/out: Invite staff to brightwheel in order to set up their account and receive a custom check-in code.

DEVICES & STAFF ACCESS: Are you going to provide devices for each room? Do you want staff members to be able to use personal devices?

  • Shared Devices → use Room Device Mode to lock each device to a specific room. If you choose to create Staff accounts, they will be able to easily share a single device and select who is performing an action. 
  • Personal Devices → Do you want staff members to be able to log into their brightwheel account on their personal device or on the web? If so, be sure to include an email address when creating their staff account. If you do not wish for them to log in, do not add an email address for a staff member.

BILLING: There are many ways to customize your billing experience. These features can be found under the ‘Settings’ tab once you activate your billing account. Billing Overview.

  • Credit Cards (on/off) → When you invite parents to brightwheel billing, they can pay you using their bank account, checks, or cash. This option allows you to also accept any major credit card. Credit card processing fees will be charged to you (not the parent). 
  • Mandatory Auto-Pay (on/off) → If enabled, parents will be required to enroll in Auto Pay when they sign up for brightwheel billing. This means their invoices are automatically paid on the due date.

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