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Filter for certain students according to status in the app

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You can now choose which students you want to see in the brightwheel mobile app. By default, you will only see those with Active status (as well as "None" or no status). You can change this at any time by tapping on Manage (or the Gear Icon on Android devices) from within a room.

Please Note: Only Active students are counted to brightwheel's student count.

Set Status Filters in the App

For example, Mia and Russ have an enrollment status of Inactive, and won't show up in the app unless you set the Student Statuses filter to show Inactive students.

Here's how to set the Demo Room to display Inactive students as well:

  1. Tap the Manage button (settings wheel on Android) at the top-left of the Room Screen

  2. Tap the Student Status filter

  3. Tap Inactive to filter for that status (Students that aren't being displayed in the Room might have a different enrollment status. In that case select that status(es).

  4. Tap Save

  5. Tap the back button. You'll then see students with the selected statuses appear in the Room.

Here Mia and Russ will now appear in the app.

Set Student Enrollment Status

If you find that you are "missing" students, it's most likely that they have an enrollment status that is being filtered out in the Room's settings. You can filter for different statuses, but the best long term solution would be to update their status to Active.

You can set the enrollment status of a student on their profile on the web portal or the app. See more on this here.

There are a few options for students that are leaving your school: Graduated, Inactive, Removed, and Duplicate. For students that will be joining your school, you can choose from: Lead, Toured, Applied, and Waitlist.

To edit these in bulk, use our Roster Upload Tool!

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