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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Parents need to activate their brightwheel account to receive invoices and receipts?

As long as you’ve invited a parent to join brightwheel via his/her email address, then any invoices you create for their child and payments you mark as paid will be emailed to the parent email address on file. This is true even if the parent has not yet activated their brightwheel account or added a payment method by linking to the billing feature, however, your parents be able to pay your invoices via bank transfers online or credit card, in addition to check or cash. You will need to invite the parents to billing in the Parents tab next to the parent's email address. 

Any adults listed as guardians or approved pick-ups who have entered their banking information will also receive emails for payment. However, they will not be able to see invoices on the brightwheel dashboard. 

Why can't the parent I invited see invoices? 

The parent was likely invited under the student's profile as a Guardian or Approved Pickup as opposed to being added as a parent. Please select Students on the brightwheel dashboard. Filter to the student in question select Profile and scroll down to their parents/approved pick-ups. To remove the parent from the incorrect status, select edit at the top right,

then select Remove next to the adult who's status needs to be edited. 

The parent is then ready to be added under the Parents section of the dashboard by selecting Invite Parent

Once they have been invited to billing (this option will become available once the parent is invited), they will begin to receive invoices!

Can I create an invoice directly from my attendance records?

Not yet, but you will be able to in the future!

Brightwheel's greater vision is to eventually link our check-in and attendance data directly with your invoicing, so these are calculated on the backend. Schools will be able to set a rate, and we will be able to account for late payment fees, overtime rates, etc. This is, of course, an ambitious project, so it won't be available in the near-term, but with every release we make to our billing tool we're getting one step closer to this goal.

How do I delete an invoice?

At this time it is not possible to delete invoices, even if they're canceled. We preserve all past billing records because we want to make sure your data is thorough for your own reference (which schools have found very useful during tax season).

For now, we recommend instead using the filters on the top of your invoices page, so you don't view those invoices with a "Canceled" status. We're working hard to update these searches and filters on that page, and as you continue to send invoices and your historical data grows, we hope it will be a useful reference

Can I combine invoices for siblings?

At this time we don't have any advanced setting that will recognize siblings and combine their invoices. The best thing to do would be to create a separate invoice for each child - when the parent goes to pay, they will be able to click each payment and hit "pay now." If the parent has set up Auto Pay, then it will be seamless on their end. With this method, your records will be up-to-date and accurate for each child's tuition.

If you do want to combine them, you could add the second sibling's name as a line item on the first child's invoice.

If you need help creating an invoice please see this article. If you want to pay off your invoice with cash or check, that information can be found here!

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