Signing up for brightwheel as a parent is easy! Once you have received your email invitation to join your school, simply follow the steps below to create your account. To begin, click Create your Account.

The email address will auto-fill with the email used to send the invitation, If there is a better contact email for you, this can be edited after the account has been successfully created. Enter and confirm a password and click Create Account.

Once created, you will be invited to download the brightwheel app from the Apple or Android app stores. Click My Children to view your student's profile. 

Please Note: If you are prompted to enter a 10-digit code, this indicates that you have created an account using an email address other than the one your school has added to your child's profile.  Please reach out to your school directly to have them adjust your email address, or simply logout, and create an account using the correct address.

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