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[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to quickly run and export total hours worked for staff members using the Time Summary Report.

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The Time Summary Report will generate the total number of regular hours and overtime hours a staff member has worked in a specific date range.

💡 We also recommend viewing this same information that is now centralized by navigating to the Staff & Payroll page and then Time tracking. Learn more about the Time tracking page here.

View and Export

By default when navigating to this report, all staff members will be listed with the total regular hours and overtime hours they have worked from their very first shift to the most recent. Administrators have the option to filter this report as needed.

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Navigate to the Reporting page on the side menu and select Reports

  3. Under Staff reports, select Time Summary

  4. Select the Staff Member using the dropdown filter

  5. Use the Date from/to pickers to select the appropriate range

  6. Click Apply to filter the results

  7. Download, Export or Print as needed

    1. To download or export, click the Export button

      1. Select File Type: CSV or PDF

      2. If downloading, simply click Download

      3. If exporting, select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients and then click the Email to button

    2. To print, click the Print button

      1. Adjust the print settings and print on a local device

Calculating Overtime

Administrators can also use the Time summary report to calculate overtime hours worked by staff. The calculations are based on a few options that can be changed at any time from your School Settings tab.

View Overtime Setting Options ↓

  • Week Start Day: program's week start day which defaults to Sunday, meaning weekly overtime is calculated based on Sunday - Saturday weeks by default.

  • Weekly Overtime: the amount of hours worked in a week that trigger overtime hours for staff members. By default, this is set to 40 hours (the federal standard).

  • Daily Overtime: the number of hours worked in a single day (counted as 12:00am - 11:59pm in the school's local time) that trigger overtime.

    • Single overtime: any hours worked in a single day beyond these are counted as overtime. Turned off by default, but there are certain jurisdictions that require daily overtime after 8 hours in a single day.

    • Double overtime: any hours worked in a single day beyond these are counted as double overtime. Turned off by default, and only can be enabled if single daily overtime is enabled. There are certain jurisdictions that require daily double overtime after 12 hours in a single day.


Some employers in California may be required to calculate overtime based on weekly and daily thresholds. Let's assume a school has work weeks starting Sunday with a 40-hour weekly overtime limit, an 8-hour daily single overtime limit, and a 12-hour daily double overtime limit.

Here's what the overtime calculations would look like for a single employee at that school with the following hours worked:


Hours Worked















65 Total Hours Worked

  • 1 hour: Double overtime (from Sunday’s 13 hours)

  • 24 hours: Single overtime (maxing out the 40-hour regular hours limit)

  • 40 hours: Regular hours

ℹ️ Overtime calculations will always be calculated in "real-time" when the Time Summary report is loaded and will take into account your current overtime settings. It's highly recommended you confirm your settings properly reflect any state-specific overtime laws relevant to your school, such as those in Alaska, California, Colorado, or Nevada.

Time Summary for Removed Staff

If a staff member has been removed from brightwheel, you can still pull up their past time summary if needed for your records or payroll purposes. All deleted staff will appear at the bottom of the Employee Name filter with an (Archived) note in front of their name.

To view this report for removed staff members:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting tab on the left sidebar of your brightwheel account

  2. Select Reports > Staff Reports > Time Summary

  3. Select the desired date range

  4. Use the Staff Member filter to locate the removed staff member

  5. Hit Export or Print in the upper right corner to download those records

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