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Schools now have the option to turn on partial payments for parents who sign up to pay via brightwheel. This makes it so that multiple parent accounts and payment methods can be used to make payments against a single invoice. 

Please Note!
Schools are able to make partial payments via
cash, check or subsidy even if partial payments is not turned on for parents. 

Getting Started

Turning on Partial Payments is a quick and easy process! 

  1. Navigate to Billing>>Settings on the web (not mobile)

2.  Navigate down to Payment Options and toggle Partial Payments to On.

You and your parents are now able to make partial payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents use autopay and partial paymetns?

A payment can be made (by the school or parent) against an invoice any time before the due date if the parent has autopay on. Whatever the remaining balance of the invoice is will be paid by autopay on the due date. 

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