Sometimes you just need a paper attendance sheet, or you need parent email addresses for your newsletter, exporting your roster is the fastest and easiest way to get this information.

Downloading your student roster can be done on the web at

Once you login, you'll click on Students at the top, and then the orange Export Roster button. You will be asked to provide an email address to have the report sent to.

The reports are sent immediately, but if your school is large, this may take a few minutes. Once you receive the email, you can download the report and print. The file will contain your entire roster, but you can easily sort out specific classrooms if you wish using Google Sheets or Excel.

Here is an example of what that report looks like:

It includes the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Brightwheel ID
  • Student ID
  • Enrollment Status and Date
  • Room Assignments 1, 2, & 3
  • Birth Date 
  • Address: Street, State, Country, Zip
  • Allergies
  • Doctor's Name & Phone Number
  • Admin Notes 
  • Graduation Date 
  • Parent information for all parents: Name, Email, Mobile Phone Phone 1 & 2
  • Approved Pickup information for all contacts: Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Phone 1 & 2
  • Family contact information for all contacts: Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Phone 1 & 2
  • Emergency Contact information for all contacts: Name, Phone 1, and Relationship
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