Adding Students Web or App 

This is where the fun begins on brightwheel. Get organized by adding your students to Rooms. You can start by running a "pilot" of one classroom or jump right in and add all of your students. Either way, you can do this in a few minutes!

After you add students, you can continue with school set up by inviting your parents or add your staff members on brightwheel. Or skip to the the fun part:  Log Activities for a Daily Report or Take Attendance

Table of Contents:

Adding Students On The Web

To add a student from the web, you must first have at least one room:  

  1. Select Students on the top tab.
  2. Click the button Add Student on the far right  
  3. Type in the name student and the assigned rooms.

 Note: Students can be added to multiple rooms. You can do that at one time from the Student Profile.

Adding Students On Your Mobile App

When you set up your school, you will be taken through the Setup Wizard. This Wizard will prompt you to create your rooms and add students... you won't miss it! 

At any point in the future, if you would like to add an additional student, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Click the Menu Bar on the top left corner
  2. Click Admin Tools
  3. Select Students on the top
  4. Select the “+” icon and type in the new student name and designated room.

Note: Only School Owners can add new students from the mobile app. As a staff member, you can still do that from the web.

Assign Students to Rooms

Changing a student's room assignment is easy to do from the web, or mobile app.

From the web:

  1. Click the Students tab > then select a student
  2. Click Edit, next to the Rooms section of their Profile
  3. Add or remove as many rooms as needed

From the mobile app:

  1. Select a child by tapping their profile
  2. Tap Edit in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Under Rooms, use the  +  and  -  icons to add or remove any room assignments.

Bulk Uploading Student Roster

If you have more than 20 students, we recommend letting us do the work for you. For the fastest and easiest processing, please fill in our upload template. Alternatively, you can upload any file type such as Excel, CSV or even scans of paper. Switching from a Tool like Procare? Learn how to download a list here.  See this support article for more information.


Adding Students Profile Picture & Information

Every student has a profile and update feed for daily reports.  The teacher and the child’s parent can update the child’s profile information. Here is the profile information that can be recorded. At this time, you cannot export this information.

Profile Fields

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Allergies
  • Emergency Contact
  • Doctor Information
  • Parents
  • Guardians
  • Rooms
  • Additional Notes

From the Web, please

  1. Click Students 
  2. Select a child’s name
  3. Edit the field of the profile

Note: At this time, you cannot change a child’s profile photo from the web. Please do so from the Mobile App.

From the Mobile App, please

  1. Select a child’s name (to view)
  2. Select Edit icon on the top right (to make changes)

Admin Panel

Premium Only

The Admin panel allows your to input information specific to each student, such as: Schedule, Gender, Status, Meal Type, and Student ID. See below for more information.

  • Schedule: This allows you to select the days of the week the student typically attends and the general time in/out.
  • Status: Shows in the roster export and give the options of: Lead, Toured, Applied, Waitlist, Active, Inactive, Graduated, and Removed.
  • Meal Type: Used for CACFP and Meal Reporting.
  • Student ID: Included in the roster export for internal use. 
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