When adding contacts for students, you are given 3 options: Parent, Family/Approved Pickup, and Emergency Contact. Each one has slightly different functions and privileges:

Emergency contacts do NOT have pickup privileges. In case of an emergency, they will be contacted, however only parents and family/approved pickups may check a child out.


Parent: "My child's school messaged me but I am unable to access messaging. Why?"
Common scenario! The school has likely entered them as a family/approved pick up contact instead of Parent. The school needs to delete them, then add again as parent.

Teacher: "I sent a parent an invoice and they said they do not see it."
Again, very common. Please make sure that they've been added as a parent and not family/approved pick up.

"Why am I unable to view the child's feed? I was added as an Emergency Contact recently."
Emergency contacts do not have visibility to a child's feed. 

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