If your staff members will be sharing a tablet during the day to log activities, we recommend creating "room account" logins. This way, the staff members aren't logging activities under a specific staff member's account/name, but rather under a generic room name such as, "Babies Room".

1) Create the room account email address in Gmail, Yahoo, etc. (Example, [email protected]) It's important that you have access to the email address in case you ever forget the brightwheel password. You may have many rooms so instead of creating separate email addresses for every single room, you can try the cool + Gmail trick explained in step 1 here.

2) Add the new email address you created to the Staff tab in brightwheel and click "Save"

3) Activate the new brightwheel account by signing up for a new brightwheel account at https://schools.mybrightwheel.com/sign-up > select "Staff or Teacher account" > enter the email address and create a password > select "Join a School"

4) Login to the tablet under the new email address, such as [email protected]

Now all of the teachers in the babies room can share the tablet and log activities under that room/account. 

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