Attendance Reports

You can easily run attendance reports from our web portal. Click on the"Reports" tab and choose "Checkins" from the drop-down menu. Select your classroom & range of dates, your time zone, and enter your email address. Click "Send Report," and we will email you a report to print out, it usually arrives momentarily.

 How to mark a child as Absent

If the child is absent, you can mark them absent from within the check-in screen. Simply tap and hold a child’s profile, and you will be given the option to Mark Absent or Check In.

When using this feature, you have the option of showing check-in status within your room, as well as sorting your class list by check-in status.

You can choose to sort checked-in students to the top of the class list, otherwise they will be sorted alphabetically. You can access these settings from the home screen by clicking 'Manage' in the top right next to a classroom. If you toggle Show Check-In Status on, you can then choose to toggle on Sort by Check-In Status.

Just to clarify, if you sort your students by check-in status, students who have been checked in will appear at the top, students with no status will appear under those students, and students that have been marked absent will appear at the very bottom with an X next to their name.

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