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Teachers can use the Kiosk to check in and out of any room they are assigned to.  To do this, enter Kiosk mode by tapping the three lines at the top left of your screen, then tap Check-in Kiosk. Next, enter an Administrator's PIN code, to enter Kiosk mode.

The next screen you will see displays a QR code (for parents to use if you have Quick-Scan enabled), and/or a space to enter another PIN code.  If you do not have Quick-Scan enabled, you will just see space for a PIN.

This second PIN code can belong to either a Parent, or Staff.  If a Parent enters a PIN code here, their child will be displayed for them to check in or out

When a Staff member enters their PIN code on this screen, a list of Rooms they are assigned to will appear.  If they are already checked into a room, they will first be asked to check out of that room, before proceeding.  

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