Please note: For best results, please manage all administrative billing tasks on your desktop as opposed to the mobile app. 

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Create a New Invoice

To create a new invoice in the Brightwheel web app, choose Billing from the menu in the header and select the Invoices tab, then click Create New Invoice.

Or you can edit an existing invoice by choosing Edit from the Actions menu located in the right-most column of the invoice in question. 

Add a Discount

You can add discounts to new and existing invoices.  Here's how:
From the Invoice screen, click + Add a discount, this will add a new field where you can enter an amount or percentage you would like to discount from this particular line item and a reason.

Select Students to Apply the Invoice To

Once the invoice is created, you will select "Next" and be taken to a screen where you can apply the invoice to as many students as you like. You can select by room, by individual student, or select all

If you are planning to pay off the invoices via cash or check, please see this article. If you are planning on having the parents pay the invoice via credit card or ACH, you may select "Next" and then select "Send Invoice"

For details on how to process a refund please see this article!
Additional questions about invoice management? See our

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