If a payment made to your center fails, brightwheel will immediately alert both you and your parent via email. The system will also update that invoice's status to 'Failed.' To view the reason for failure, you can click in to view the invoice. The status of a Failed invoice may not be changed.

The best way to find failed invoices is to go to Billing>>Invoices on your brightwheel dashboard and export the CSV to open in your preferred CSV format. You can then filter the top row and select to show only failed invoices . 

If a payment fails to your school, we recommend you click into the failed invoice to see the failure reason (eg: insufficient funds) and then get in touch with the payer directly to coordinate. Once they're ready, the parent can submit payment against the same invoice. 

It's very rare, but occasionally a parent's payment then fails after brightwheel has already made that deposit into the center's account. When this happens, we then need to deduct that payment to square back up again. Details about this deduction can be found in your Deposit Dashboard. In addition to the emails sent whenever a payment fails to alert you to the failure, brightwheel will either take the withdrawal out as a stand-alone transaction from your center's bank account or group it with the deposit you have scheduled that day.

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