Auto Pay For Parents makes paying bills easier than ever. Parents can enroll and choose their preferred method of payment, and brightwheel will take care of deducting payment on the invoice due date!

About Auto Pay

  • Auto Pay will be applied to all new invoices once parents have turned the auto-pay function on. Please note! If an invoice is sent to a parent before auto pay is turned on, they will need to manually pay that invoice. 
  • Timing: Auto pay will be processed on the invoice due date. Parents will continue to receive an invoice email and a payment confirmation email.
  • Set Up: Parents can easily update your Auto Pay preference in their billing settings at any time.

How to Enroll in Auto Pay

  1. Log-in through the web-- invoices and payments are only available on the web
  2. Go to Payments
  3. Click Activate Auto-Pay to turn auto pay on
  4. Select the payment option and click Enroll for each child

Auto Pay Terms

I understand that an automatic payment will be deducted from my designated bank account or credit card for any recurring charges posted by my provider. And I understand that any recurring amounts will be paid in full. I will ensure the funds are available in my account on or before the date of processing.

This authorization will remain in effect until I change it. I understand that I can change my auto pay election at any time, but any requested changes must be made at least 48 hours before the due date of an invoice in order to ensure my election is properly reflected before the invoice due date.

I may be charged a fee by my provider or brightwheel for payments that are reversed due to insufficient funds in my account or due to any errors or issues on my part.

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